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Fitomate is the Only Fitness Marketing and Revenue Growth Program for Health Clubs, Fitness Studios, Gyms, Pilates, Spin Studios, Yoga and Personal Trainers.

Our Program

From Brand Awareness to Customer Gratification – Check out our Fitness marketing
and Revenue growth program



Is your brand messaging consistent?

Fitomate is focused on helping brands simplify and clarify who they are and what they stand for by giving a unified message across all platforms.


Online Visibility

Can your customers find you on search engines?

Fitomate helps businesses in creating a strong online presence with a rating and review mechanism that engages customers and leads.


Customers Acquisition

Are you signing up new customers regularly?

Fitomate creates a comprehensive strategy to acquire new customers for your business leveraging data and digital platforms.


Customers Retention

What is your customer churn?

Fitomate helps you with your marketing strategy which reduces your customer churn and enables a high level of client communication.


Customer Reactivation

Are you in touch with your hibernated customers?

Fitomate engages with your ex-customers by developing a customer reactivation strategy to identify hidden customers in your data.


Hear what Naglis from Cycle Studio Group has to say about Fitomate.

In a short span of time, Cycle Studio Group grew its monthly revenue by 150 percent and increased the studio’s membership by 25 percent.

  • Rebranded & relaunched Cyclestudio to Cyclestudio Group

  • Developed visual consistency on online channels

  • Redefined customer acquisition process

  • Deployed a customer retention program

  • Initiated a customer reactivation mechanism

Our propriety dashboard

Measure twice, cut once

We have found measurement to be an essential part of our revenue growth program. Our dashboard easily integrates with Mindbody and other fitness and gym management software and has reports on all the metrics and key performance indicators. The dashboard enhances your fitness marketing experience by showing monthly and weekly reports of customers, revenue, and fitness advertisements. The dashboard shows you all the data to calculate your ROI and progress .

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Our E-book

This Free growth E-book is a quick read on a modular revenue growth approach, trends and a new marketing direction for your fitness business.

  • A modular revenue growth approach
  • Understand online fitness marketing
  • Branding your fitness brand
  • Customer acquisition channels
  • How not to lose customers
  • A customer reactivation approach

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