How to build your fitness brand in a cost-effective way

You running your fitness gym or studio but can you differentiate your business from other gyms in the locality? Why should people choose you and not your competitors?

This is the point where building a brand kicks in… A fitness business can benefit from building a brand identity which is an important element of marketing. Most of the time small businesses pay less attention to branding aspect because of high costs. But even small gym owners, who wants to enhance the brand awareness and make a place in the niche should develop their unique brand identity.

I have jot down 3 very simple and cost-effective ways to help you in building your fitness brand.

1). Create strong brand message:

This is the first and foremost thing you should do for your fitness gym branding. You should develop a strong but really simple brand message which clearly helps your fitness brand in differentiating itself from other gyms, fitness studios and other competitors.

Try including power words that are easy to understand so that your target customers could easily relate to them. If you can come up with convincing and a strong brand message this will encourage your potential clients to choose your brand over your competitors.

Your brand message should be the front door of your gym. The message should be shown to your target clients on each touch-points like social media, website, banner ads, gym facility, directories etc. every time they come across your fitness brand.

2). Create your logo and creatives:

You can hire a reasonable designer or a freelancer for this task. You need to create a brand logo so that your customers can identify you. This is the basic element of brand awareness and brand recognition.

However, the color and the design of the logo plays an important role in branding. The reason for having a good brand logo is that every time your customers come across your logo they can relate it with your brand message.

You should also make some creatives for your fitness brand which can be used in marketing your gym on social media and within your gym facility. While logo and creatives does not require a lot of money, make sure that it should resonate well with your brand image and values.

3). Communication and Publicity:

Communicating your brand message is very important to reach out your target audience. Just make sure that the message you pass out on different marketing channels should be consistent and relevant. Proper message communication is very important to leave an impact on your potential customers and differentiates you from your competitors.

Choosing the communication channel and publicizing you message is really crucial. Research says that a customer can recognize and recall your brand only after he has been exposed to the brand message for at least seven times.

Apart from just publicizing your brand on websites and social media, as a fitness gym owner you should take part in local events, trade shows and give out direct mails.

As it turns out

Use the above techniques to brand or rebrand your fitness gyms. However, just keep in mind to use your branding effort wisely and don’t overdo the stuff so that your customers don’t get annoyed.

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